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   如果你关心澳洲的房地产业,那就不应该只知道Mirvac,Lendlease,Frasers,[WX/QQ905034702]但却没有听说过Dexus,Goodman,CharterHall。从本质上来说,房产投资基金属于资产管理公司。他们通过投资,持有,改建,出售市场上的物业来获取利润。有时,他们也会以股权,或者债权的方式,获取某个项目的收益。If we want to make money, in fact, many industries have far more cash flow and earning power than real estate. For example, in the game industry, Jackie Chan has been making movies for more than fifty years and has already won both fame and wealth. But lately, it"s still late in the day, and the legend of "addiction" to online games has begun. By reason of his position, there is no need to accept such advertisements. But I obviously still have the pattern. I heard that the endorsement fee given by the game vendors is 30 million yuan. Let you say to the camera that two minutes will bring in 30 million dollars. Whose brain is Watt"s going to quit? But think again, how much does the game maker have to earn to make this advertisement? At least 95% of real estate developers can not afford the endorsement fee. However, even so, we have not seen many people around to say that investment in the game industry, the development of games to make money. Most people still like houses. Why? Because real estate can be seen and touched. Since the real estate industry is so stable, after hundreds of years of development, the industry actually has a mature ecological chain, from development, sales, financing, leasing and so on, enterprises in all sectors of the industry can be said to be interlinked and interacted. However, the two groups in this industry have always been at the top of the real estate food chain. First of all, anyone can think of, of course, developers. From the point of view of value creation theory, developers are in the most important position in the whole real estate ecological chain. Because there is no developer building, all other transactions around real estate can not be mentioned. Recent market cooling, developers bankruptcy, project unsalable and other negative news naturally many. A friend talked with me about his understanding of a variety of real estate investment strategies, from development, decoration, to buying and holding. The conclusion of his research is that development is too inexpensive. Because builder"s engineering expenditure, government tax and consultation fee of professional organizations are all fixed expenditure, and once the cost is out of control, the loss of development will be enormous. Of course, what this friend said is one aspect of the matter, but conversely, the developer, as an Equity investor in the project, will certainly bear the greatest risk. But correspondingly, if everything goes smoothly, you earn the most. So you see whether China or Australia"s richest people are doing real estate development. I"ve never heard of any professional who has become very rich by doing architectural design or approving DA. In addition to the traditional developers, there are some companies, they are not as high-profile as developers, but in fact they are also at the top of the industry, that is, real estate investment funds. If you care about Australia"s real estate industry, you shouldn"t only know Mirvac, Lendlease, Frasers, but you haven"t heard


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